New Changes On abs tv

New Programs coming up on Abs Tv like Ekyotto every tuesdy 10pm and another Program Enaku Tesosola coming up soon.

Ki Kyolifa Tewerabidde

Tosubwa Ki kyolifa tewerabidde buuli saawa nyaa ezekiro nga edibwamu saawa nya ezokumakya

Revival Christian Church Kawaala

Come to revival church every friday and pick a tree of blessings

Counceling every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday at Revival Church Kawaala with Pastor Yiga Augustine

Entertainment Gossip

Vote Abs Tv Programs nominated in Rtv Academy Awards 2016/2017

Programs nominated are


Ebiyita Ekiro

Amakya Amarungi

Omukulembeze wenkya

Abs as the best new Tv station of the year

By Herb

Abs tv charity awareness

Abs Tv charity awareness will soon start in january 2017 where the stuff and management will be moving around kampala suburbs and zones building toilets for free as a cause on reducing diseases that have killed many lives lacking toilets latrines.If your area needs one,what you have to do is gather Lcs signatures and police letter in your zone then bring the signed documents to Abs Tv and it will be approved and we come to your area to build a free toilet.